Why you'll love this course

It's great knowledge in bite-sized morsels. Five speakers talking about various ways that the person of the therapist impacts clinical work.

Course description

Listen to state of the art information about the psychotherapy and the therapists who perform it, in bite-sized pieces. The center of the therapeutic relationship is the therapist. You must improve your skills and take care of yourself to be an effective clinician. In this course, five speakers review ways to make the most of who you are in therapy. The course concludes with a panel discussion featuring all five presenters.

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify three components of creating your identity as a therapist from the beginning of your career.

  • Identify three questions to ask oneself before disclosing your sexual orientation to a client.

  • Identify three criteria through which a therapist can determine whether to self-disclose.

Who should attend

Mental health professionals (LCSW, LPC/LPCC/LMHC, LMFT) at all career stages will improve their practical knowledge base through this panel presentation, taught at a beginner to intermediate level.


  • Julia Alperovich, LMFT and Certified Professional Coach: Creating Your Identity from the Beginning of Your Career
  • Ernesto Segismundo, LMFT and Founder, CAV Academy: You’re Not The Typical Therapist
  • Douglas Green, LMFT, LPCC: How to Become Okay with Being Vulnerable
  • Abigail Weissman, Licensed Psychologist: Bringing Your Queer Self into the Room
  • Mercedes Samudio, LMFT: What to do When Your Message is Gigantic!