Why you'll love this course

There are two things that set this course apart: 1, It's taught in plain language by a mental health professional. Katie Malinski walks through the requirements with realism and a sense of humor. 2, The course includes a detailed handout with sample forms and checklists you can use in your process of HIPAA compliance.

Course description

This course reviews HIPAA requirements in plain language for mental health professionals, with an emphasis on those in private practice. Topics include Key Definitions, Risk Assessment, the Compliance File, and more. The course goes step by step through the process of becoming compliant. [Note: While the course covers legal topics, nothing in the course should be considered legal advice.]

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify at least four specific requirements of mental health professionals under HIPAA.

  • Identify at least two areas of intersection or overlap between HIPAA and professional codes of ethics in mental health.

  • Identify at least two typical problems a private practice therapist may encounter when becoming HIPAA compliant.

  • Design possible solutions to those common problems, understanding their ethical implications.


Katie Malinski, LCSW

Katie Malinski, LCSW

Katie Malinski, LCSW, is a Texas-based clinical social worker and parenting coach. With 20 years’ experience, Katie helps parents see the key connections that help resolve family difficulties, strengthen the parent-child relationship, and get families back on balance and moving forward together. She also presents dynamic parenting workshops on a broad spectrum of topics, including managing difficult behavior in children, promoting self-esteem, parenting through divorce and communicating about sexuality. She trains colleagues in mental health on the process of becoming HIPAA compliant and ways of handling patient data safely.

User reviews

Great value!

Sarah Welton

I enjoyed the teaching style, accuracy of the info, and handouts. Well worth the time and money!

I enjoyed the teaching style, accuracy of the info, and handouts. Well worth the time and money!

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